Volunteer for Georgia Ballot Remediation

Georgia voters have until THIS FRIDAY to resolve their ballot issues and get their votes counted – for president, senate, and local elections. So even if the presidential numbers come back for GA within the hour, there is still work to be done!

“What is Ballot Curing?
Ballot curing is the process of contacting voters who have cast votes but their votes have not been counted due to issues like missing or mismatched signatures. Black ballots are 4X as likely to be rejected. Ballot curing involves contacting the voter and notifying them that their ballot has been rejected. You then walk them through the specific process in their county to allow them to prove their identity and get their ballot accepted!” – @georgia55project

The most common issues you cure are:
– voter cast provisional ballot
– mail-in ballot rejected due to no signature
– mail-in ballot rejected due to mismatched signature

SIGN UP HERE: https://www.mobilize.us/dpgvoterprotection/event/329170/ (watch anytime!)

About this event: “Thanks for joining the DPG Voter Protection team’s phone and text banking program for the 2020 General Election! To receive access to the phone and/or text bank to help voters remediate ballot issues, you must watch the recorded training provided. This training covers substance on application and ballot remediation, and the ins and outs of text banking. We have a separate recording for phone banking basics, if you need it. To receive access to the phone and text banks, watch the video and then fill out the Google form linked here. Only fill out the Google form AFTER you have watched the training

Note – if you are having issues with the video loading, it is likely because you need to accept cookies on the page. You can reach out to the email address below if you need further assistance.

Please contact DPG’s Phone and Text Bank Remediation program (remediation@georgiademocrat.org), if you have any questions!”